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Random Acts of….-isms

So I quite behind on my blog posting and this morning I am procrastinating my return to school.  For a few more moments I am going to pretend it’s still summer vacation and since I’ve been inspired by Jack, here’s some of the latest Madelynne-and-Annabelle-isms of our little world:

Madelynne: Mommy, I hope I don’t have a baby before I get married.
Me: Yeah, I definitely hope so too, Madelynne.  Now, tell me, why is it important to be married first?
Madelynne: Because babies are A LOT of work!

…and on the heels of that:
Madelynne:  When James Whitfield and I get married I am only going to have one baby, not three like you Mommy.
Me:  Well, why not?
Madelynne (in a tone of stating the obvious): I TOLD you that babies are a lot of work!

Well, clearly it has been impressed upon her this summer that babies are more than sweet little bundles of joy.  And she’s never even experienced middle of the night feedings!

…and at the Wizard of Oz:
Annabelle:  Mommy, is that witch really dead?
Me: Yes, Belle, Dorothy melted her.
Annabelle: But is she really, really dead?  Like, for real?
Me: Yes, the witch is not coming back.
Annabelle: But is she really dead?  The witch girl?
Me:  Mrs.  Kristy is not dead, Belle, but she is pretending to be the witch, so she is pretending to be dead.
Annabelle:  But the witch is dead for real?
Me: Yes.
Annabelle:  But why does she come back at the end with everybody?
…and I gave up.  Four year olds are very literal creatures.

Then on our way to girls night out Annabelle informs me, “Mommy, I am in love with Hailey Reed.” But then yesterday she told me she was “in love” with M&Ms so I don’t think she quite understands the concept….well, I don’t know.  I might be in love with M&Ms, too.

But the kicker of this week was when  I told Madelynne that she couldn’t have Coke to drink because it was bad for her.  She told me that I drank tea and it had caffeine, so what was the difference.  When I informed her that some things are okay “in moderation” she looked at me like I had three heads or something.  So I figured I better clarify and asked her if she knew what I meant.  The response?
“Yeah, Mommy, moderation is when something isn’t really healthy for you but tastes really good anyway.”

What a lesson in context clues!

3 thoughts on “Random Acts of….-isms

  1. these are classics! thank you for the smiles & laughter today.

    hope your first day back went well. on the bright side…labor day is less than a month away, right?


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