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Why It’s Random

Since this week I’m honored to be the featured blogger over at Completely Eclipsed I’m making some time to share with all you fellow bloggers and readers a little bit of my heart.

I chose to name my blog Random Acts of Brackett because I was trying to be witty and because I thought this would be a good place to keep all our scattered family updated on what’s going on with the fascinating Brackett girls.  But over the past six months since I first posted about all the random things our friends did to help us welcome Amelia, this blog has become so much more than an update.  And so much more random.

You might get to read about how my girls handle the emotional upheaval of big school.  Or what funny story they’ve told me recently.  Or how my oldest is planning to run away.

You might hear about Amelia’s growth, progress, and general cuteness.  Actually, plan to hear about that. I’m trying to actually do a good job of documenting the growth of at least one of my children.

You might see some pictures and get some insight into my crazy extended family, and if you actually know me, that might help you understand me better.

You might hear about what I’m reading or teaching or telling my middle school students, because as much as I would love to stay home, right now I’m trying to balance my real kids with about a hundred others who also need guidance and direction and love.

But mostly what you’re going to get if you visit this blog is some transparency.  I’ve been married for eight years.  It only gets harder.  I have three kids.  One was easy, but three is kicking my butt.  Life is not always what I planned, or what I wanted, dreamed, expected.

It’s more.  It’s a story that’s still being written and sometimes we get mired down in all that randomness and forget that it is those things, those crazy chaotic moments, that make everything worth it.

If it wasn’t for the chaos I wouldn’t know the peace.  The simplicity of my daughters’ laughter, my baby’s smile would be lost on me if I wasn’t so appreciative of all the random acts that make my life.

Thanks for reading.  I hope it only gets better.

8 thoughts on “Why It’s Random

  1. awesome post to welcome what will hopefully be many more faithful, interested, curious, etc. readers!

    enjoy your manic monday tomorrow…at least there will be about 100 fewer kids to deal with!


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