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This Thursday

…I’m trying to convince Joshua that he needs to man up and take care of the tooth fairy business and then he can figure out what to do with a lost tooth.  I mean, am I supposed to keep them all?  Seriously?

…I’m believing that there might be a whole contingent of people who get to stay home and blog and look at pretty pictures and dream up ways to make their house pretty and then post about it.  Wish that could be me but I’m pretty sure that even when I’m a SAHM I’ll be too busy to worry about the ugly decor in my laundry room.  (But I wish I could.)

…I’m thinking about simplifying.  I’ve got this new philosophy about selling the house. I think if I try to live within the space we have and make it pretty and functional and cozy and creative than I might stop dreaming about a new house and make peace with the sign that’s a permanent fixture in our yard.  And this is totally counteractive to the above thought.  Maybe it is my laundry room that turned away the one person we’ve had come look.  Hmmmm……

…I’m pretty sure Amelia is determined to walk before her first birthday, Madelynne is determined to lose a tooth everytime Amelia gets one and Annabelle can find the stupidest reasons to be stubborn. 

Yep, just another wonderfully random thankful for this life Thursday.

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