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Miscellany Monday

I’m tired of being manic so I’m linking up to lowercase letters and trying something new!  Now if someone wants to tell me how to get that button into this post, I’d appreciate it.

1.  Delay days are not snow days.  In fact, they are the opposite of snow days.  They masquerade as a few extra moments to relax that quickly turns into a frantic rush to get through the rest of the day by cramming an 8 hour workday into a 5 hour sprint.

2.  I actually am ahead of the meal planning game this week.  My delay today did allow me to put the chicken in the crock pot, so we had dinner 15 minutes after I walked in the door from Jazzercise.  Record.  Then, after the kitchen cleanup (which always takes twice as long as anything else) I went ahead an made White Chicken Chile for dinner tomorrow and let it simmer on the stove a bit so all I have to do tomorrow is reheat and serve.  Yay, me!

3.  So I’m thinking of writing an ode to my crock pot.  I really don’t think my kitchen (or family) could survive without it.  So stay tuned for a haiku or a sonnet or just some total random musings on my love of slow cooking appliances.

4.  I have an addiction.  It’s House Hunters.  That’s right; I’m one of those nosy people who love to look at other people’s houses.

5.  And I really want to improve mine.  I’ve gotten over that we’re not selling anytime soon and I’ll probably post on that later, but I would like to make it more cozy, more decorative, more grown-up.  At the same time that I long for simplicity, I also long to put my heart and soul into this place so I can stop treating it like a stepping stone to something better when truth is, it’s pretty good for us right now.

2 thoughts on “Miscellany Monday

  1. i'm watching house hunters right now. i love it too and can't watch one house and then stop…i have to watch it to the end and see which house they choose.


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