Project 52.4

It’s been a simply busy week in the Brackett house. 

On Monday we woke up to….

a little dusting of snow that kept school from starting on time.  But we did make it in so that’s not a snow day! (I don’t want anymore of those until after my February break since we already had a trip planned, and I’m pretty sure parents don’t care how icy the roads are, they just want their kids out of the house and out of their hair.)

Friday night, we headed south just a tad to visit my grandparents and see my Aunt Kathy who was in town for a few days.  While she made homemade pizza and set off the smoke detectors and then opened all the windows and froze my grandmother, Amelia had a good time navigating all the stairs in the tri-level house and bonding with her Uncle Corey who is proving that someday he might be ready to have a daughter of his own.

On Saturday after a massive shed clean out (we’re attempting organization) we had dinner at Outback with Joshua’s aunt and uncle’s family who we only see about once a year.  This is Aunt Beth of the pottery and I wish we saw them more because they’re great and sweet and fun.  I left the camera in the car so no pics, sorry!

Have a great 52.5! Is is February already?

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