Manic Monday

Miscellany Monday

Today is my birthday and I cried for the first part of the morning and then ate a big ol’ piece of homemade carrot cake with layers of cream cheese icing and laughed at my friend’s retelling of her friend’s facebook status detailing the cult following mass suicide of all her aquarium fish.  So all in all, not a bad start to the day after all.
Why is it that triple coupon week at Ingles is always the week that I have no grocery budget left for the month and then when I go to the trouble of trying to figure out which deals I can get for free or next to it, I go to my store and discover that the actual prices are not the sales prices quoted in my coupon matchup list.  Which is more of a commentary on the fact that small towns may be charming but they inconveniently only have one grocery store which means my store can charge whatever the heck they want and assume people will pay for it.
My phone has been ringing constantly all day.  Or beeping with text messages.  And if my cell isn’t ringing, the house phone is.  I appreciate all the well wishes and the thoughtfulness and the simple fact that people have taken a few minutes to remember me today when they surely have so many other activities to focus on and I hope no one is offended that I left the phones on the kitchen table and went to take a long bubble bath and read a book.  It’s just that right now everything turns into consolation for the bank’s situation and all I really want to talk about is anything but that.  But then again, if no one called I’d be all mopey and woe is me, so I think I’ll just shut up about it.
I’m reading this really great book right now, The Wednesday Sisters  My mom brought it to me yesterday when she came to take me on our annual pilgrimage for my birthday pottery.  She likes to read books and then pass them along to me, which is great.  And free.
I love that new GE commercial where everyone is country line dancing.  It’s the kind of silly randomness that makes me smile and think that sometimes advertisers are clever.
I’ve decided to stop telling people I’m staying home with my kids next year because that’s not really true.  I’m staying home for my family, for my grandparents, for my sisters, but mostly for me.  It’s less of a time out from work and more of a career change.  It’s time for something different.  
My mom makes the best birthday cakes in the world.  My jeans are not going to fit by Friday.

5 thoughts on “Miscellany Monday

  1. yum! a bubble bath indeed is in order. and yes i hate ingles too. and i'm going to try to remember to pass along another free book. if you feel up to it, blog about your bday pottery…sounds fun!


  2. I'm with you on Ingles. We need some competition around here! I am glad your birthday ended up being better than you anticipated. I admire you for all the things you do and plan to do. You are an awesome woman and a great friend.


  3. What?! It's triple coupon week at Ingles? I just left there and had no idea! I don't guess it really matters since I didn't have my coupons with me anyway!

    I, for one, am excited that you'll be home! I'm looking forward to playdates this summer and coffee breaks with lots of girl talk when they go back to school!


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