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Because Nobody’s Perfect

Because I like to stalk Julia on a pretty regular basis, I get a lot of great ideas for blogs and link ups and I find lots of wonderful folks I enjoy following.

Folks who aren’t afraid to admit they don’t quite have it all together and that’s okay.

I definitely don’t have it together and I hope I’ve treated you to some of those moments over the past year.  The raw truth of it is sometimes I scream at my kids, lose it over the dirty laundry, and have to put myself in time out until I calm down and realize that life’s not about perfect moments.

Tonight’s imperfectly perfect snapshot?

It’s 8:06.  Six minutes past bedtime and they’re still watching a movie (102 Dalmations) that I’m not stopping ten minutes before the end because the whining is just not worth it.

The deal was they would fold their laundry while they watched.

Notice that this wasn’t done.  A perfect mom wouldn’t even have her kids folding laundry because she’d have had it done in the time I spent blogging about this.  Or she would have stopped the movie and enforced their end of the bargain.

Well, thank God I’m not perfect because otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen to stay at the kitchen table, sip coffee, check my email and listen to Annabelle say things like, “Madelynne, we would never steal puppies to bake them, would we?”

Well, let’s hope not 🙂

Capturing Motherhood..check her out and link up.  Let’s all be imperfect together.

5 thoughts on “Because Nobody’s Perfect

  1. I think you're an awesome mom…. it shows when your kids say things like they wouldn't steal puppies and bake them.

    I may have to do a picture me {im} perfectly post….. but I just have so many things that I'm perfectly imperfect at that I wouldn't know where to start!


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