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..and then she was one…

Despite having a shadow over our weekend, we celebrated Amelia’s birthday with lots of icing, a few friends, and only a moment or two of tears from Mommy.

How do they go from so small she’s just a tiny dark head in our family picture to the icing eating toddler you’ll see below?

We’ve had to reschedule her party for next weekend and I missed all the blog milestones I was “supposed to” mark this week…oh, well.  We’ll just keep celebrating all week.

Thank God we are not judged on what we are supposed to, but rather on how much love we share.  This past year we have been blessed with more love, more joy, and more completeness.  Happy Birthday, Amelia…you are a joy and a blessing each and every day. 

Starting the morning off with birthday candles in the Pillsbury Orange Roll

Sharing ice cream with Annabelle while picking out birthday cake at Ingles

Running to Mrs. Mary Lynn

Yummy cupcake

Sharing with the Tinsley boys

Jensen’s icing looks better

Homemade black olive and cheese pizza for birthday supper…that’s right Amelia loves black olives…my kids are weird

Give me some of that!


These big sisters love their baby.  

7 thoughts on “..and then she was one…

  1. bless your heart, friend. what a tough weekend. glad you guys were able to muster up some fun. there are sooo many pics to love, but i have to say the ice cream sharing is one of my favs. also the cupcake shirt is precious!! happy birthday amelia & mommy!


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