Random Mommy Monday

This is what Mother’s Day looked like at our house with a ten day old baby who gets up all night.

For some reason, I got out of bed, but the boys stayed in it.  
But who can resist this sweetness?
These two bubbly sissy monsters have had a few moments lately.
Sometimes they’re really thoughtful and helpful.
Madelynne made me breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day.
On Saturday.
Because she figured that way we wouldn’t be rushed with church on Sunday.
Which we didn’t make anyway because it was raining
and because of the first picture.
Soccer ended last week.

It’s been good for Madelynne, but now she says she might try basketball.
Or gymnastics. Maybe dance.
I hope she does set up a lemonade stand and make some money this summer because her ever-changing mind is getting hard to budget.
Here’s some more of what we’ve been up to:

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.  
Gus sleeps a lot during the day.
Then he wants to wake up once all the commotion has died down.
We’re working on it.
Which really means I take a lot of short naps on the couch 
and accept that the house is going to be a bit messy.
Joshua got me a great Mother’s Day gift.
My mother thinks I have an obsession.  
I do.  
With really good food.
Speaking of which, my friends set up a Meal Train for us
(it’s the most awesome service)
and since Gus was born we’ve eaten 
an entire banana cake
a whole chocolate-peanut butter cake
and more macaroni and cheese than my mom makes at Christmas.
The best part is that everyday somebody shows up on my doorstep
with dinner.
It’s seriously the best gift ever.
Gus is almost two weeks old, which means I might need to start getting dressed again and re-entering the land of people who sleep all night.  Who am I kidding?  All my friends are moms.  Most of us haven’t slept all night since the first baby and by now have learned to survive on a steady diet of caffeine and chocolate.
Which won’t help me lose any baby weight, but oh, well.  Like Scarlett says, I can worry about that tomorrow.

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