Random Acts of…Time Out

Sometimes Mommy needs a time out too. And after a busy weekend and a difficult Monday, I decided this Mommy definitely needed one. However, it must be understood…

Mommy timeouts are not like children timeouts.
When you are a child, you are put in time out for calling your Mommy a “meanie” for the third time after she has taken a whole afternoon to let you play in the creek at the state park. This is also after she spent the few precious moments the baby wasn’t being fussy that morning packing a lunch for you.
When you are a Mommy you are put in timeout for wishing you had stayed home and kept the children corralled in their room all day rather than attempting to be a nice mommy who takes them places like state parks and Chic-Fil-A.
When you are a child, time out consists of sitting and pouting. You cross your arms and scowl up your face and glare because the world (i.e. Mommy) is SO UNFAIR.
When you are a mommy, time out means you send the children over to Mimi’s house for the afternoon and you engage in such stress releasing activities as a pedicure or a nap.
When you are a child and time out is over you exuberantly return to the world of play and before you run off to engage in some other activity that might return you to the time out position, you hug your Mommy. Because time out’s not nearly as bad as thinking Mommy might still be mad.
When you are a Mommy and time out is over you return refreshed and rejuvenated to that most important task of being a mommy who gets called a “meanie” for teaching your child right from wrong and good from bad.
So, yes, sometimes Mommy needs a time out too.

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