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Just a Happy Birthday

There’s no reason.  Really there’s not.  No reason at all that birthday parties for kiddos should be so stressful.

Seriously, all kids really want to do is play and eat cake frosting, and open presents. 

So that’s what we did.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love a well-planned event of celebration that involves such craziness as water slides or spa treatments or bouncy houses.

But I can’t handle all that stress.  Or work.  And by checking account can’t handle all those deductions.

So this year the rule is sweet and simple.  Yet, somehow I was still a little stressed.  It’s hard to put it all together when the baby is fussy and the birthday girl wants to play with all the bubbles before the guests arrive and the cake slides over in the car and the icing gets stuck to the side of the box.

But overall, it was less stressful than last year when the entire pitcher of lemonade spilled in the car after Joshua hit the brakes to avoid a suicidal squirrel on our way to the park to have a party in the rain.

Here’s some pics of all the fun:

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