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Random Acts of…Growing Pains

With the exception of myself who is hopefully shrinking back down to better-than-pre-pregnancy size, there’s been a lot of growing in our house lately.

Madelynne is getting so tall that her shorts and skirts are rapidly becoming less than dress code worthy. I had Jill cut her hair too, a cute little stacked bob that’s longer in front to please her daddy but less work to comb which pleases mommy. She’s getting just so grown-up!
I don’t like it.
Belle is finally outgrowing 3T clothes (good thing since she’s four!) and lately she’s been climbing in our bed in the middle of the night to complain that her legs hurt. Today, however, she’s exhibiting more than usual stubborness, so she’ll probably be complaining soon that her bottom hurts.
I really don’t like it.
And Amelia went yesterday for her two month check up. Two months? How can that be? It’s gone by so fast. I’m torn between the desire to get these next 5 weeks that I have to be at work over with so I can come back home and the wish I could keep her little forever. Then I remember that as she gets bigger she’ll start to sleep through the night.
Nope, still don’t like it.
Here’s the stats on our little one who’s grown the most:
10 lb, 10 oz. (that’s a gain of 3 lb, 7 oz)
22 in (no way she was really 21 in the hospital)
38 cm of a “somewhat unusual” head.
Yes, that’s right. She apparently has an extra soft spot which is contributing to a slightly pointed back skull. Thank goodness is covered up by all that hair! Our pediatrician thinks it’s fine though. His actual words? “Well, that’s just her head.”
And that’s just my baby. Hopefully for a long time yet.

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