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Random Acts of….Birthday Weekends

Fancy pink cupcakes, ribbon adorned flip-flops, thirty birthday candles, and a plate overflowing with fried shrimp. Yep, all part of a weekend filled with birthday celebrations. Apparently July is a popular month for making babies!

And luckily for us three of those babies are growing up to be good friends of ours or our children’s. The fourth birthday belongs to “Baba” as in Tom, as in Joshua’s dad who was Grandpa until the girls shortened it. And we’re lucky he’s around too!
On Saturday morning we jumped for joy (literally-we couldn’t get them off the trampoline) at the Fancy Four party for Hailey Reed who is one of Annabelle’s bestest girlfriends. It was girly and pink and fancy and just perfect for the six little divas in attendance.
After rest time that same afternoon we headed back out for the party of Princess Abby who is also an Annabelle bestest friend. Many of those same 4-year old divas gathered for pizza and high heels and more dress up than the Princess Boutique at Disney World.
So how did we get the girls away from that party and on to another one? We promised them hotdogs and cake! Then we headed to Shelter Cove to celebrate our friend Noelle joining the 20+10 in 2010 Club.
It seems the majority of our Sunday School class is turning 30 this year and we’re having a good time celebrating this milestone with many friends and their sweet families. At Noelle’s we enjoyed classic cookout food and had to designate a corner of the room for the baby carriers. Amelia, Sam Garrett, and Chandler McKay were quite well-behaved at their first “adult” party. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures!
Finally, today after church we spent some time with Baba whose birthday is still a week away but whose request for a trip to the Harbour Inn Seafood restaurant in Anderson had to be honored today. So we headed a little north and ate enough fried shrimp to carry Tom through to next year since it will probably be his birthday again before my mother-in-law allows him another meal like that.
It was a fun and exhausting weekend but we’re glad to be blessed with more celebrations than we can schedule. And I haven’t even got into Aunt Calley turning 22 last week or plans to love on Marmee when her birthday comes at the end of the month. Good thing I’ve still got maternity pants in the closet since all this cake isn’t helping me back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!
Happy April Birthdays everyone!

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