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Dear Husband Who Said My Day Didn’t Sound Too Bad

Dear Husband Who Said My Day Didn’t Sound Too Bad,

I know you didn’t mean to scoff last night in the kitchen when I was sitting on the couch nursing our sick baby for the umpteenth time that day and telling you how busy my day was going to be tomorrow.  You didn’t really mean it when you said that it didn’t sound too bad.  I know you spend all day with people’s financial lives in your hands and help contemplate futures and make decisions that impact far beyond our little family circle, but still, surely you didn’t mean to imply that my day would be any less hectic.  
But just in case you did, I wanted you to know that so far it’s only 11:15 and we’ve done nothing that was on our original schedule.
Sure I got the big girls to school in the pouring rain despite a screaming baby, but Gus’s cough meant we skipped my morning workout though an hour later I still bundled him and sissy monster Millie into the car to go work a childcare shift that was cancelled by the time I got there.  In the meantime I had a tantrum with the kids’ healthcare provider which successfully got me a chat with a supervisor and the assurance that the girls would be getting coverage this month in time for me to take Madelynne for her 8 year check up.  Oh, and I called the pediatrician’s office and will be skipping Amelia’s nap to take Gus to make sure his cough isn’t RSV.  Amelia, by the way, is already on meltdown #3 and could really use that nap, but we’re leaving in a minute to help out with the birthday party that got moved from the park to a home since it’s still raining.  The bathrooms have been cleaned (yes, both of them!) and the ground beef is thawing for dinner.  There’s laundry in the wash (ours not theirs for once) and Gus has been fed again and is napping finally.  I paid for the aforementioned insurance and made a grocery list.  I took a shower, too, a major accomplishment when I’m home alone with a toddler who thinks her brother is a toy.
By the time you get back home, dinner will be started, spelling words will be reviewed, and somebody else will probably have cried.  I still have a Bible study to finish, a birthday to celebrate, a doctor to visit, and at some point, I thought I’d eat lunch.  
If the baby doesn’t wake up first.
How’s your day been?

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2 thoughts on “Dear Husband Who Said My Day Didn’t Sound Too Bad

  1. HAHAHAHAHA…. seriously, what have you been doing all day ? 😉 Love it… appreciate it… I am linking to your blog from mine now… I doubt it will up your traffic much but I love your posts! Take Care and definitely eat lunch 🙂 Amy


  2. I look at you and wonder how in the world I did all of that, but, it will get better and it won't be long before you're thinking, “When did they all grow up and become so independent?”! I'll be praying for you to actually feel rested!


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