thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

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Since my last post was a bit of a downer, and I am working toward emergence from this foggy new existence, I’m grateful that Julia reminds me each week to stop and be thankful.  
Because I’ve sure been slacking on my gratitude journal lately and rather than counting all the amazing gifts God has given me, I’ve been lamenting those he hasn’t.  
But not today.
Today, I am thankful for random, silly, small things that make my world a little easier and my life a little brighter.
Like Stouffers Lasagna.  All I do is unwrap and bake.  Genius.  My kitchen stays clean and I don’t get nauseous browning meat.  And I bought it on sale with a coupon.  Yay for $5 supper.
Speaking of my coupons, today I’m grateful for my local Ingles.  Usually I complain a bit about Ingles.  They’re our only grocery store and can be a bit pricey.  But the checkout girls know me now, especially since I come in pretty regular with Millie in the mornings.  Yesterday the sweet Starbucks girl helped me figure out some hot tea that would soothe my throat and not irritate this sensitive baby, then today when one of my coupons wouldn’t scan, another cashier told my cashier, “She’s good.  You’ll learn who uses coupons right and who doesn’t.”  How nice to know I’m in the right for once!  And did I mention the free cookies in the bakery?  Sometimes it’s the only way we’re getting in and out without mommy having a meltdown.
But when I am having a meltdown, I like to look at colors like this and remember that all God made is good.  And He gives strength to those who have none left.
And blesses us with more than we deserve.

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. remember that last line of your blog when you are freaking out about number #4. “He blesses us with more (children to raise) than we deserve” 🙂


  2. we love the free cookies too.

    p.s. they have them at super wal-mart too…but you have to ask the bakery workers, which i'm guessing we could just call bakers. 🙂


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