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Where Did Summer Go?

It’s officially over.  According to the school calendar that is.  Summer….where did you go?

Oh, that’s right.  You went to Harbor Island where the girls got a quick beach fix and Amelia learned to hold her head up like a little turtle.

 You invited Hailey and Audrey to visit for a week at Saddle Ridge Ranch.

You taught Madelynne and Belle to swim and Amelia to roll.

 You celebrated Daddy’s big 3-0 and Amelia’s first cereal.

You got your Twilight fix with Eclipse and the big girls (but no pictures)!

You camped at the lake even though it was hot, hot, hot!

You celebrated a special anniversary with special friends and a special night of fancy dinner and the fancy Fox Theatre (but again, no pictures).

 You panned for gold and gems and bought Daddy a truck.

You stole the Munchkin scene in The Wizard of Oz for two weekends in a row.

And in between you found time to go to the dentist (not so fun), work out at Jazzercise enough to earn flip flops (pretty fun), tube the “mighty ‘Hooch” with Aunt Brooke (lots of fun), and play with your friends at the water park (the most fun).

And while all this was going on, you were letting my girls get bigger right before my eyes.  Now those pictures from early June show preschoolers with shorter hair and shorter legs.  This week they became school girls ready for Kindergarten and Pre-K, independent and a bit sassy, but still sweet and lovable.  They may have darker tans, longer hair, and more inches between their shorts and their knees than Daddy would like, but they’re still my little girls.

And I already can’t wait for next summer!

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