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First Days of School

It was a big first day for all of us.  Kindergarten, Pre-K, Bed Babies….oh, and Mommy got to meet almost 100 new faces, too.  And right now, I don’t remember any of their names.

I’m exhausted.  and my feet hurt.  and my head.  oh, and did I mention Amelia shared her cold?  So after five straight hours of “Welcome to 7th Grade!” speeches, my throat is killing me.  But this post isn’t supposed to be about me.  It’s supposed to be about my girls and their big milestones today.

Can we really be actual school parents now?  For big school?  I had more empathy this morning for the parents who are leary of dropping their child at middle school than I have ever had before.  Suddenly I realized she was outside the safe bubble world I had created and chosen for her and was part of the real world where there will be so many more influences we don’t want or like.  It’s scary.

But I didn’t cry.  I really didn’t.  I teared up.  I choked up.  I sniffled this morning while I got ready for my eighth first day of school as a teacher.  And I prepared myself to lose it when I dropped her off and she ran ahead saying,  “I know where my room is!” 

But I didn’t cry.  Because before I left she hugged me tight and said, “Don’t cry, Mama.  It’s going to be okay.” 

And you know what?  It really is.

2 thoughts on “First Days of School

  1. so glad she had a great day. What a great shot you got of her. I know that you had a tough day. I remember and will do it again next year. It is hard doing it with your first though. Hope you had a great day today as well. Go to bed early!


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