Month of Birthdays

In addition to celebrating lots of birthdays in our family this month 
Aunt Ashley
Uncle Travis
Cousin Heather
…oh, and me 🙂
I’m going to be celebrating the one year birthday of all this blogging randomness.
And sharing her first birthday of blogging is Tara over at Between You & Me
a blog I started following recently because I love her notion of
Living Authentically
and hope I can play it out in my life as well.
Click on over there to check out all her wonderful ideas, listen to good music, and enter for a chance to win a Family Rules sign.  And if I don’t win, who wants to help me make mine? We discussed our Family Rules at dinner last night and guess what the girls think our #1 should be?
Can I carve that in some E-town granite so they won’t forget?
Happy Blogday Tara!

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