Friday Five · reflections

A Mile Wide and…

It’s Five Minute Friday!  The perfect way for a too-busy mama sometimes writer to help some words find paper.  Or blogsphere.

Five Minute Friday


He said it this week in the revival.  “Our faith can be a mile wide and an inch deep.”  It’s a phrase I’ve always used to describe my curriculum in my classroom of middle schoolers, not my faith in Jesus Christ.

But it’s true.

A mile wide.  An inch deep.

I know a lot.  My heart and soul and spirit are covered over and over with the words and the cliches and the hymns and the scripture.  I could write for a mile about being in church since I was a small child, about learning of Noah and Moses and Jonah’s big, big whale, but I couldn’t dig you a trench and fill it with hope.

My faith is too wide, too busy trying to make everyone fit it to become a root that reaches deep to find its source for living water.

So my revived thought this week is that maybe I need to dig in, dig down, dig deep and let God be the one who is wider than the sea rather than me.

4 thoughts on “A Mile Wide and…

  1. May it go deep. I have found that deep roots form in the breaking of soil. May your soil be ready, and may He water and shine on you. And when you feel broken, know He is deepening your roots–a mile deep.


  2. Oh Lindsey, I think we all feel this way at times. I will be praying for you to deepen your roots, if you promise to pray for my roots to be deepened as well. I think in this world of instant info, it's easy to grab soundbites or the latest spiritual fad without grasping the true bread of the Word. I love your honestly in sharing a struggle!


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