Miscellany Monday

I stepped on something last week.  I suspect it was a tiny shard of glass courtesy of the applesauce jar Madeynne dropped in the carport.  Whatever it was, it has left me with a stabbing pain in my big toe that is getting worse and is now swollen.  Actually, it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be, but it is rather annoying to think there may be glass stuck in my toe.
Madelynne is auditioning for the talent show at her elementary school tomorrow.  That’s right, auditioning.  She has ten minute time slot and a schedule.  She may not get it.  She does not understand this because everytime she’s ever had to audition, she’s been put in the show.  Now here’s the best part: Her talent is arranging her stuffed animals in a circle and then reading to them while pretending to be her kindergarten teacher at story time.  She was practicing today and all was going well until the teddy bears started biting each other and Annabelle (who was her teacher’s aide) had to take them to the office.  Madelynne moved their clips to “red plus” also.  It was a rough evening for Little Miss Brackett’s class of inanimate objects.
I need some new recipes.  I’m bored by all of our standbys and really need to spice up the menus around here.  Any good suggestions?  What’s your favorite meal for a busy mama to make in less than 30  minutes while distracting the baby, answering the phone, and refereeing the teachers of the inanimate objects?
Happy Monday!
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2 thoughts on “Miscellany Monday

  1. Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo…SO easy and so fast, if you get pre-cooked shrimp and jarred sauce. Throw some garlic bread in the oven for 5-8 minutes, and you have yourself a fast and delicious meal! 🙂
    I pray your toe gets better!


  2. okay, i'm obviously waaay behind (wait didn't i already say that?), but how did the audition go??
    i'm in need of some new recipes too, i'll let you know if i find any! i feel like i'm stuck in a recipe rut!


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