Just a Little Drama

Anyone who’s met my girls knows they’re a bit dramatic.

Alright, a lot dramatic, but I’m holding out hope it’s a phase. That doesn’t last until they’re in college.

Tonight, however, they’re experiencing some great drama without actually having to create it themselves because Annabelle wanted to sit in Madelynne’s chair.

Mimi passed along some DVDs she no longer wanted and in the collection was The Wilderness Family.
The Adventures of the Wilderness Family
Tell me I’m not the only one who remembers watching this as a child.  Now granted I had a bit of an obsession with Laura Ingalls Wilder and anything remotely pioneer.  But I love this idealistic idea of shedding the trappings of civilization.  Except, I’d like to do it with running water and electricity.

But back to the drama.  These films are filled with it.  Blizzards. Grizzlies.  Wolves.  Avalanches.  Fevers.  Fire.  And that’s just Part II which we finished tonight.  The girls were very worried…

but like all things family-friendly cinema, in the end everyone lives happily ever after.

If only real life were such an ideal.

But you know, this ever after is worth every moment.  Even if I’m not skipping through a meadow in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. 

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