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Project 52.10

Week 10 of Project 52.  But only like the fifth post for this project because if it was too predictable, it wouldn’t be random.  Right? 

We had a busy week, but it was nothing compared to the week before when Joshua was gone every night teching Hairspray for the community theatre.  Now that’s behind us and he can concentrate on important stuff. 

Like putting the kids to bed before 9 and eating Girl Scout cookies on the couch with me. 

Here’s some visual aids of our week to help you imagine what our life is like in case you don’t actually know me or see us on a regular basis.  As for the rest of you who actually get to see me pretending to know what I’m doing parenting three girls, you can enjoy knowing the randomness is not just contained to the blog.

Why, yes, I can read my books with only one eye.    
I’m attempting organization/sugar reduction for Madelynne’s snacks.  Seemed to work pretty well to have everything prepped so all she had to do was grab.  And seemed to be an improvement over Oreo Cakesters as an afternoon snack.

A special picture for our special friends who welcome their first baby, Leah Katherine, on March 10.      
What do you mean I’m not allowed to play in the toilet?

And we’ve come full circle as Amelia reads to herself before bed.

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