Just One Day

Today we had just what we needed.  Just one day.  One day where nothing worked out according to plan, but everything just worked out.  One day where the fussing and the fighting and the freak outs were a under control.

Or at least not driving me too crazy.

The worst part was when Annabelle threw up in the parking lot of state park shelter #6 after I had driven us around for forty-five minutes in search of a waterfall hike with directions that were fifteen years old and thus, incorrect.

She get carsick, no big deal.

So we had our picnic by the creek and I nursed Gus and they played on the playground and swam their cheddar cheese goldfish cracker knockoffs around the picnic table.  Why is eating outside always more fun?

I think it’s because mommy isn’t saying sit down or don’t swim your crackers around the table!

Then we did a really brave thing mostly motivated by my desire to exhaust them all for an early bedtime since daddy is working late and my need to move this baby pudge.

My baby pudge, not Gus’s.  His is adorable.

We hiked halfway around the lake to the Visitor’s Center for a wildlife program.

Have you ever trekked a mile in the woods with a two year old?

It’s the reason child leashes were invented.

I was sure at any moment she was tumbling down the steep bank into the water.  She was sure every moment was for picking up sticks, eating pebbles, and climbing barrier fences.

She had a blast.  Her big sisters were appeased by the bigger playground at the end and ice cream.

When we finally made it back to the shelter, I did a crazy thing.  I let them take off their shoes and wade in the creek while I nursed again.  And I didn’t even yell when Amelia got her shorts all wet and Madelynne used all the rest of the wipes to clean her feet before she put her shoes back on.

Then we piled in the minivan and took the backroads home.  They all fell asleep and for just a moment, there was complete contentment and peace.

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3 thoughts on “Just One Day

  1. gawh… you are such a good writer. i loved reading this post… felt like i was there… swimming goldfish on the picnic table, wading in the creek, and falling asleep in the back of your minivan… although truth be told, that might be a little weird. miss you friend…


  2. oh the joys of parenting! I am your newest follower! I loved your Thankful Thursday post. Check out mine if you have time @ http:mostwhatmatters.blogspot.com. Can't wait to hear more!


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