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When the One You Love is Enough {5 minute friday}

Ten years ago today I thought it was enough that we had the perfect, fairy tale wedding.  Blue chiffon on my bridesmaids, yellow roses in my bouquet, a full church, and a fabulous reception.  For that day, that moment, that time, it was enough.

It was perfect.

We had given no real thought to the future.  Neither of us had jobs.  Neither of us had set-in-stone plans.  Neither of us had given days beyond our honeymoon any thought at all.  All we had was an apartment, crates of wedding china, and degrees so new you could smell it on the paper.

It was enough for then.

And sometimes it’s enough for now.

Those aspirations of the newly married…we still haven’t reached them.  We probably never will.  Because those ideas we had of what would be enough were more than we could ever need in this lifetime.

Today we define enough by the groceries in the pantry, the socks on the floor, the toys in the bathtub.  Enough is counted in bedtime stories and sloppy kisses and dirty diapers and one more snuggle before the alarm sounds.

Enough is more than the fairy tale, the happy ending, the one perfect day.

Enough is when you get up every day and try again, and try harder, and love even when it’s hard and the home is in chaos and the kids are shrieking and the air has gone out again in the truck.

It’s enough that we’ve made it ten years and would do it again, over and over, everyday for the rest of our lives.

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6 thoughts on “When the One You Love is Enough {5 minute friday}

  1. Lindsey, I always enjoy your blogs but this week has been wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Hope you, the girls and that sweet baby boy are having a fun filled summer.


  2. another great one. could definitely be re-worked a bit to lengthen for a wonderful submission. i think a lot of people can relate to this idea. the fairytale gives way to everyday life, but that's when you realize that's the very fairytale you've been hoping for…


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