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Thankful Thursday

I need to be thankful today.  Thankful and not spiteful.  Thankful and not regretful.  Thankful and not prideful.  Can you tell I’m having a bit of a down day? 

I lost my temper.  Someone else lost theirs with me first, but that doesn’t make it right.  And no, it wasn’t Joshua. That fight was three days ago over the lights for my school play and I won, thank you very much. 

But only because he’s less selfish and more forgiving than I am. 


Thankfulness.  It’s important.  It’s a reminder of what’s true in my heart and soul.

That’s why the first thing on my list today is pizza.  From Papa John’s specifically.  Delivered at lunchtime in the middle of a school day during a crazy week.  Ordered as a thankfulness for what is hopefully one less thorn in our side by one of my team mates.  Teachers.  We celebrate the littlest, craziest things that no one else would care about.

The teacher in my is thankful for sticky notes today too.  Especially ones that are covered in phrases like “You rock!” and “I’d never heard of Romeo and Juliet before I took your class.  Thanks.”  It really is the little things.  The little sticky things.

Stick-it-to-’em Day. A secret project to be kind to the teachers because sometimes we need to know that what we do matters.

And finally today, I’m thankful for forgiveness.  Jesus forgave me and continues to everyday from the moment I get up and begin messing up.  I think (hope) my students forgave me for losing my temper at rehearsal.  And right now I’m praying to find forgiveness in my heart for those who make me feel unappreciated, unwanted, undeserving.  And I’m thankful that simply writing this post has helped me get there. 

Thankfully there’s grace.

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7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. How ironic is it that the word verification for the post I made above was “somit”? Chandler just got “vomit” all over me about an hour ago, poor little guy!


  2. love, love, love the “stick it to 'em” idea! i mean, who doesn't love encouraging sticky notes? i love your honesty lindsey… it challenges me and makes me smile all at the same time…


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