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Random Mornings

You know there are some things I really like about early mornings.  Like

…the smell of coffee.
…the mist over the football field at school.
…Annabelle’s disheveled hair.
…sunrise when it’s all orange and pink and gold.
…the quiet and stillness before everyone and everything really wakes up and gets going.

But I’m getting worn out greeting every morning before the crack of dawn.  I’m sure everyone on our connector flight to Charlotte at 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning is just going to love that our baby is a morning person.  Not only is she an early riser, she’s one of those annoyingly chipper morning people who want to play and laugh and engage in activities generally reserved for late afternoon.  Or at least post-coffee.

Joshua blames me because I don’t see the point in letting her “cry it out” when I have to get up in thirty minutes anyway (and by have to I really mean should because it will give me more time to enjoy the things on that list above).

I blame him.  I have good reason for this.  He’s always been a morning person.  You know, one of those who likes to get to work early to get everything done before they’re even on the clock kind of people.  He has passed this trait down to Annabelle who sweetly gets up each morning and gets dressed and comes to play with Amelia who also, apparently, has this……gift.  Yeah, that’s a nice way to put it.

Thank goodness for Madelynne.  At least I have one child who knows the value of sleeping in. 

After all, those morning things are good but the rest of the day has benefits, too.  We’ll see if I stay awake to enjoy it.

One thought on “Random Mornings

  1. great post. you know, we were just talking the other night about how eli is an early riser and often very happy as well. the funny thing about it is that neither of us are morning people…we both like to sleep in.


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