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Multitude for Monday

Moments of quiet
and serenity
and moments
of gifts
given even in the hard times
the long times
the beaten down times
the “are we ever going to get there”
and “pay attention to me”
times that frazzle
this mommy
into forgetting
that in constant thankfulness
for even the hardest moments
I can see God
over the water
in the sunlight
among the flowers
and the sand dunes
and the animal crackers on the carpet.
We’re back from our jaunt away with Marmie and a couple aunts…and I’m learning hard everyday what it means to live under grace.

5 thoughts on “Multitude for Monday

  1. but can you see God in the BananaGrams?

    i'm so glad to have a had a chance to chat today between the wildness that is a trip to the park. hope it wore your crew out. both boys took early (& somewhat short) naps. Sam was fast asleep by 8 tonight and Jack was asking to go to bed at 8:20 (that NEVER happens)!

    i'm looking forward to getting away with the family and praying I too can find God & His grace in the “i need to go pee pee” and “i'm tired of all the steps in this castle!”

    have a great anniversary! see you soon!


  2. Hi! What a great post–I love your spirit of constant thankfulness. I make it a habit of looking at the two posts around mine at Ann's Gratitude Community and I pray for you today as you re-enter “real life” after a great vacation!


  3. Glad you're enjoying the randomness. Laura, of course I can see God–it's just spelled dog 🙂 That's Belle's attempt to spell all the words she knows. Her K teacher is going to have her work cut out for her, I'm sure!


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