Guest Posting Today!

I’m pretty sure that most of you who follow me, also follow Julia over at Black Tag Diaries.  I link up there fairly often for Thankful Thursday and today I have the honor of guest posting about Wedded Bliss

Ironic since I abandoned my husband this week to spend some time on Hilton Head with my mom and sisters.  And my girls, so maybe he got the best end of the deal after all. 

When I wrote my post, I didn’t really take the opportunity to thank Julia and I should have, so that’s what this quick moment is for.  Julia is an incredibly talented and creative person who moved away to support her husband through seminary just as we moved in.  So we’ve developed our friendship via blogland and I’m so grateful.  She makes me laugh, savor the little moments, and wish I was creative.  Instead, I just enjoy her blog and am planning to coerce her into photographing my girls some time.  Right now she’s gone galivanting off to Alaska on a cruise and all of us left behind can’t wait for the posts from that adventure.  Love you, Julia, come back soon!

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