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Things I’ve Really Wanted….

 …to blog about but haven’t had/made time. We’ve been making too much homemade pizza lately.  Our beloved (free) pizza cutter broke in half the other night.  The fact that is was a Habersham Bank pizza cutter might have been symbolic if you want to be that deep a thinker. These awsomely handmade/hand-me-down Halloween costumes.  We… Continue reading Things I’ve Really Wanted….

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Weekend Wrap Up

Busy weekend for us Bracketts with two gals off to school on Friday and daddy home for an errand run-around that would make any mom cringe. But of course celebrated the first day of school with a little Sonic love. Dinner at one of our favorite places, Hawg Wild Barbecue, and  a drive home under… Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up · Paynes · project 52 · summer

Multitude for Monday

Moments of quiet and serenity and moments of gifts given even in the hard times the long times the beaten down times the “are we ever going to get there” and “pay attention to me” times that frazzle this mommy into forgetting that in constant thankfulness for even the hardest moments I can see God… Continue reading Multitude for Monday

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Project 52.May

We spent another busy weekend reminiscing at Annabelle’s preschool graduation held Friday night and then we trucking it over to Augusta to help celebrate “Jackson Cousin” and his 4th birthday on Saturday. Exhausted again. But in a good way. Friday evening was very special for our family and others who have been taken care of… Continue reading Project 52.May · motherhood · project 52

Weekend Run Around

Whew. It’s over.  And we survived.  And I fell asleep reading at 9 o’clock last night and hadn’t written in my journal or blogged or had quiet times or done the dishes or folded the laundry or swept the floor or packed the lunches.  But it’s over. And the beauty of it all is, I’m… Continue reading Weekend Run Around