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Things I’ve Really Wanted….

 …to blog about but haven’t had/made time.

We’ve been making too much homemade pizza lately.  Our beloved (free) pizza cutter broke in half the other night.  The fact that is was a Habersham Bank pizza cutter might have been symbolic if you want to be that deep a thinker.

These awsomely handmade/hand-me-down Halloween costumes.  We spent no money and used items we found around the house.  That’s electrical tape making Madelynne’s Tigger stripes.
Joshua and the girls made these cute turkeys as a Saturday project a couple of weeks ago.  He’s way better at projects than I am.  I look at that and see frustration.  Guess that’s why we’re a good team.

I think this turkey got eaten soon after.  Oh, well.  The short life of a turkey at Thanksgiving.
My cousin Heather is having a girl soon, so we spent Saturday afternoon making sweet onesies at her baby shower.  
Belle went with me and since she is all about scissors right now, this was the perfect activity for her.
She even showed off her ironing skills when we got back home.  
Here’s my onesie.  We’re into owls lately.  It needs buttons for eyes and then it’s done.  Maybe no Kim Reed, but endearing nonetheless.
These two have been big buddies lately.  I suspect that means I’m in for it .

Oh, and guess what?  We’re having a boy.  What do you do with boys?  Do they like pizza and Pooh Bear and candy turkeys and baby showers?  Maybe all but the last.

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Weekend Wrap Up

Busy weekend for us Bracketts
with two gals off to school on Friday
and daddy home for an errand run-around
that would make any mom cringe.
But of course celebrated the first day of school
with a little Sonic love.
Dinner at one of our favorite places, Hawg Wild Barbecue, and 
a drive home under this sky.
Leftovers and paci
in the fridge.
Yeah, I don’t know either.
A little Saturday laziness
and a summer cold for Madelynne.
Sunday dinner on the stove
and in the crockpot
visits from faraway family
like “uncle” Ben and
more nearby like great-grands.
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Multitude for Monday

Moments of quiet
and serenity
and moments
of gifts
given even in the hard times
the long times
the beaten down times
the “are we ever going to get there”
and “pay attention to me”
times that frazzle
this mommy
into forgetting
that in constant thankfulness
for even the hardest moments
I can see God
over the water
in the sunlight
among the flowers
and the sand dunes
and the animal crackers on the carpet.
We’re back from our jaunt away with Marmie and a couple aunts…and I’m learning hard everyday what it means to live under grace.
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Project 52.May

We spent another busy weekend reminiscing at Annabelle’s preschool graduation held Friday night and then we trucking it over to Augusta to help celebrate “Jackson Cousin” and his 4th birthday on Saturday.

Exhausted again. But in a good way.
Friday evening was very special for our family and others who have been taken care of by Little Dreamer’s Academy for a long time. We missed Madelynne’s graduation last year because my sister was graduating high school the same night, so Belle’s was our first and our last for a few years. LDA has been a second home for my girls while I have worked full-time for the past six years and it was both joyful and sad to see them graduating from this place of security and love into the whole new world of big school. I broke when a video of the children sharing what they would miss most about pre-k featured this sweetheart saying, “Annabelle.”

Sob.  And Madelynne put her arms around me and said, “It’s okay, Mommy, it’s okay.”

We perked up early on Saturday morning and once fueled by the chicken breakfast burritos from Chic-Fil-A (so yum, oh CFA, when are you coming to my hometown?), headed south to one of my sister’s bigger-is-better birthday parties for my nephew who apparently has an obsession with Sharkboy, which I evidently am depriving my kids of since we haven’t NetFlixed it yet.  Wow, run-on sentence.  

It was great fun and even more fun to try to capture some of it creatively through the lens.  I’m pretty pleased with some of the shots I got.  If you’re interested in all the fun, check it out via my Picasa album.  And viewing it will make #65 make sense.

One Thousand Gifts…
65.  quiet house after a chaotic day

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Weekend Run Around


It’s over.  And we survived.  And I fell asleep reading at 9 o’clock last night and hadn’t written in my journal or blogged or had quiet times or done the dishes or folded the laundry or swept the floor or packed the lunches.  But it’s over.

And the beauty of it all is, I’m sure we’ll be doing it again.  The weekend run around.  Here, there, and everywhere trying to make it to everything and keep everyone happy.  Or at least fed. 

We started last week really.  One Act Play festival at the community theatre.  Joshua and I keep doing this because it’s something we can do together….except then we never see each other so it’s really not working out. Might need some revising of that plan.  Friday night opener.  It was great, actually, but by Sunday afternoon I was really tired of teenagers.  Which is what I get for casting a play about high school students with a mix of middle and high schoolers.

Bright and early Saturday morning we bribed the girls with McDonald’s and it was pack up and head over to the yard sale my school was sponsoring as a fundraiser for a special needs camp.  It was successful in the grand scheme even if I did let go of a piece of furniture for only $20.  But it’s out of my house and that $20 will buy us admission to the water park in the very near future.

We broke from the yard sale briefly to head to sweet ballerina’s recital.  Pictures are worth a thousand words….

After the recital, Joshua took the girls up the hill to a birthday party for one of our favorite people and I headed back to finish the yard sale transactions.  All in all, I came home with about $75 profit, new decor, and pants for Madelynne to wear in the fall that do not have holes in the knees….yet.  Maybe next year, we should market it as a yard sale swap since most of my funds came from fellow sellers.

After a brief afternoon crash by this mommy and this sweet baby–

It was back to theatre and readying for Mother’s Day.  Guess what I was surprised with on Sunday morning?  I’m linking it here so you can get your own because I may not share!  All in all, a crazy weekend, but a life-joy-sweetness-delight-thankful weekend.  I just don’t want to do it again any time soon.