Here’s What I Need

I need someone real or virtual to help me redesign this blog.
I like this new look because it’s cleaner and wider.  I hate wasted space.
But I want to be able to begin archiving recipes
and articles that I’m working on
on page tabs up top.
I might could figure that out.  We’ll see.
And how do I get a header?
I downloaded one but can’t figure out how to personalize it?
Help you creative genuiuses out there!

2 thoughts on “Here’s What I Need

  1. OK…when you click on your Blogger page…click the title of your blog. Then it should bring up a list on the left hand side (Overview, Posts, Pages…etc). Click on Pages.

    1) First, if you want your pages on the top of your blog (like mine), then you will need to click the Show Pages As dropbox and choose “top tabs.”

    2) Second, click on the tab for New Page. Note, all of my pages are “blank pages” and if there are links, then I just copy & pasted a link and then hyperlinked it at the top with the Link button.

    3) For the header, you need to resize it to the widths of your blog. When you click on Header (to edit it) it *should* give you the dimensions that you need.

    Hope this helps! I had to play around with all of this back before Blogger became more user friendly. Hope you have good luck! I enjoy keeping up with you and your family.


  2. am loving the new look… and new title! sorry… i can't be much more help… i'm terrified to change mine just because i know i'll jack everything up before i make it look better. maybe you can help me later….


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