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And Then She Was Two

Dear Amelia,
Two years ago you made a sudden appearance surprising nurses and my midwife and me with your quickness.  Only a couple of hours before I had told your Marmie not to hurry because you certainly weren’t. How wrong I was!  And how wrong were so many who thought surely you would be the first baby boy Brackett.

But you made us a family of five and ushered Daddy into that unofficial “three girls” club.  Men shook his hand and told him to find a man cave when you all became teenagers.  I pulled out all the saved baby girl clothes, the pink crocheted blankets, the bows to tame the wild mane of dark hair you have always had.

And now you are two.  It’s hard to believe so much has changed in so short an amount of time.  You (and your sissy monsters) have grown and developed and everyday become more of the person God wants you to be.  I pray for your safety, your development, your sensitive feelings.  I need to bow my knees more often and thank God for your sweetness, your presence, your sticky hugs and butterfly kisses.

Your smile that makes my world go ’round.

I thought you’d always be my baby.  And you will.  My baby girl, my baby we asked for from the Lord.  How I love you.  How I miss you being so small and snuggly in the Bjorn tucked away safe against my chest. How I love you being two with your infectious laughter, lispy “yesh”, great love of Winnie the Pooh and horses and puppies.  How I love being with you everyday, listening to you sing as you color, sharing your favorite peanut butter and jelly, cuddling with you before naptime.

Maybe sometimes you think I don’t love the Llama Llama books as much as you.  And maybe sometimes I beg you to lay down quickly so I can rest this body that’s bringing you a brother soon.  There are times when I can’t watch anymore Pooh Bear or I get frustrated with you or you are too defiant and have to be reprimanded.

But I love you so.  I hope you know that today in your little heart.  And I hope you know it everyday for the rest of your life.


“>Happy Birthday Millie Moo!

3 thoughts on “And Then She Was Two

  1. Happy Birthday Millie! Wish we could have shared in the birthday festivities…but i figured stomach viruses weren't a good thing to share with the birthday girl.


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