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Why I Don’t Enjoy My Grocery Store (and other things I’m learning)

At least they have pretty flowers.

We moved over a year ago. Ten miles down the road, jumped the county line. New schools, new community, new grocery store.

But I keep going back to the old one.

Because I like my routine and I like what I know and I don’t like it when I have to figure out something new. That takes time. And energy. And mental capacity.

It would be fine if every Ingles or Walmart or Target or –insert your favorite chain store here–was the same. But they’re not. And now my local Ingles has gone and REMODELED. It was bad enough the frozen foods were flanked by the rice aisle instead of the cereal like my old store, but now the register counters are different and there’s sushi next to the fried chicken.

Come on, people. Can’t we let things just stay the same?

Ahem. I think we’ve found Lindsey’s issues.

Whenever I find something that’s working, I want to keep it working. I don’t want to change it. I don’t want to make it better. I want to keep what I know because that’s easy and not mentally taxing. I don’t have to make any new decisions if the old decision is STILL WORKING JUST FINE.

This marketing for a book business has thrown me under the bus, y’all. Seriously. I feel run-over and run-down because what works for twenty-four hours may not work for the next forty-eight. I’m trying to learn a whole lot of information at once because–spoiler alert–I have perfectionistic tendencies/procrastination issues.

I know you’re all shocked by that little revelation.

But as a result, I’m struggling to figure out what’s best for my little book’s sales gain and my emotional capacity. Because–this post is full of random Lindsey trivia–I am on social sensory overload and this experience has me teetering right off the edge into full Highly Sensitive Person meltdown.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go over to Amazon (or a local indie) and buy Anne Bogel’s Reading People. She explains it better and also has figured out how to navigate social media life as an HSP. I’ll be on the porch with my iced coffee and my highlighter if you need to join me.

But I’m still shopping at the Ingles in my old town because I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE EVERYTHING IS ALREADY. Also, I know this: word of mouth sells books way better than the Canva ad I spent 30 minutes creating. So if you like my book, tell a friend, please and thank you.

Anything making you feel a little crazy today?

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