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Creative Summer Suppers

These days supper might be my most creative moment. Four busy summer kids is a lot to handle, making the moments we gather around the table all the more special. Summer cooking is its own lesson in creativity and color, and there’s nothing I love better than the simplicity of yellow squash and green zucchini… Continue reading Creative Summer Suppers

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Still Waters Wins Selah Awards!

My writing career launched in 2014 through the connections I made at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. So last week, when I was double nominated as a Selah Award finalist for First Novel and a fiction finalist for the Director’s Choice Award, I felt like I’d come full circle. Four years ago I… Continue reading Still Waters Wins Selah Awards!

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Why I Don’t Enjoy My Grocery Store (and other things I’m learning)

We moved over a year ago. Ten miles down the road, jumped the county line. New schools, new community, new grocery store. But I keep going back to the old one. Because I like my routine and I like what I know and I don’t like it when I have to figure out something new.… Continue reading Why I Don’t Enjoy My Grocery Store (and other things I’m learning)

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13 Ways to Live When You’re Only 13

Dear Daughter Turning 13 Today, Yesterday I couldn’t reach the paper plates on the top shelf of the tall cabinet and you could. Yesterday you lay in bed with me, snuggled up like you were still five, but we read Harry Potter instead of Llama Llama. Yesterday, you were still twelve. You were still considered… Continue reading 13 Ways to Live When You’re Only 13

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Dear Twenty-Two (a lesson in marriage)

Dear Twenty-Two, Look at you, so flush with love and naivety in your crinoline and Scarlett O’Hara curls. Wedding day dress up. But you don’t know, twenty-two, what I know now. Thirty-seven and fifteen years later. You don’t know anything about marriage or motherhood or making every moment count. You don’t know about mortgages and… Continue reading Dear Twenty-Two (a lesson in marriage)

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Five Symbols of the South

I’m on my back porch and the air is hovering between heavy humidity and storm-blowing breezes. Either way, rain’s been skirting all around our southern summer all week long. The book has a cover now and if you’re in the know you’ve seen it. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? Sign up for… Continue reading Five Symbols of the South