Random Acts of…Family

Started this on March 3 and have decided to post it as is since it’s a new week and I’ve got new thoughts to share….

So, here’s a quick update of week 2 with three…would’ve been longer if I hadn’t just spent thirty minutes figuring out my forgotten password. The lack of sleep must be getting to me, though I keep repeating to myself the wise words a friend passed on from the most important Word, “In my weakness, I am made strong.” (2 Cor. 12:10)

Amelia is sweet and alert and has learned to defend herself from her Sissy Monsters by sleeping. Hence, not a lot of resting going on during the dark hours for Mommy. But, this too shall pass. I know it will take us longer than 11 days to figure out a routine and “schedule” that will accommodate everyone’s needs (or at least keep them satisfied for a little while!).
We’ve been visited by lots of people who are blood family, church family, and chosen family in the form of dear friends, so we’ve been well looked after and fed! No way the pre-pregnancy jeans are going to fit when considering the pans of brownies on my kitchen counter…

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