Random Acts of…Perfectionism

It’s hard to look at Amelia and think of her as anything but perfect. She’s got perfectly formed fingers and toes, a perfectly shaped head that’s actually covered in hair, perfectly sweet eyes framed by her those perfect long lashes girls will envy her for in about fifteen years. She’s perfect…even if Mommy is not.

I just hope that I’m a good mom, even if I’m not “perfect”, at least not by the crazy standards I have held myself to in the past. And I believe that recognizing I can never live up to unattainable standards might be my step toward becoming a better mom everyday. One who can tell herself to let go of the laundry and the made from scratch dinner and the rug that always needs vacuuming long enough to realize the things that are perfect.
So here’s a quick rundown of the “perfect” things Joshua and I have done this week:
1. Fed the family pigs-in-a-blanket and scrambled eggs for dinner. Not a vegetable in sight. And they had juice instead of milk.
2. Then, because that was an easy make-up and clean-up, we played the Wii until bedtime.
3. This morning, Joshua got the girls up and dressed and fed them frozen waffles (yes, he cooked them first). Annabelle is wearing a pink princess shirt, hot pink pants, and red Snow White socks. Madelynne has on black leggings and brown shoes and the classic low ponytail that is the only hairstyle Daddy can fix. They look great!
4. I sat on the couch for hours on Wednesday watching old episodes of ER on DVD and alternately nursing and cuddling my newest baby who has hit her 3-week growth spurt. At about 3, I finally turned on the dishwasher.
5. Belle’s birthday is next week. Actual invitations might make it to folks by Monday, but if not it’s okay. I facebooked everyone to save the date which is efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly.
6. And finally, I began this post on Monday and finished it on Friday. Now that’s perfectionism! Or a lack of time management…and sleep….

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