amelia · · madelynne

Random Acts of…Growing

Belle’s figured out why she’s growing. She informed me the other day it was because she’s “had a lot of birthdays and birthdays make you grow.”

Madelynne’s growing up, too. One morning this week when I asked her what she was doing as she got the frozen waffles from the freezer and headed across the kitchen she tossed back that hair and announced, “I’m making my own breakfast.” Yeah, I’d rather it didn’t involve the possibility of a burnt finger before 7 a.m.
And Amelia? Well, according to my M.I.L. she’s eating 5 oz at every feeding (which is twice while I’m at work) so she’s putting it somewhere! Her cheeks are fat and that dimple is cute as ever. We dedicated her today and she was sweet…and stinky since she filled her diaper just before the ceremony! Ahhh….the joys of motherhood.

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