Summer’s Begun!

I am one week into official summer vacation.  By the way, since I have to work full-time I’m glad I’m a teacher and get to utter the words summer vacation with total reverence.

I’m exhausted.

I know those of you with jobs that do not endorse the concept of “summer vacation” are thinking, oh poor baby.  She’s tired of not working and playing all day.  You don’t feel sorry for me.  I know.  But, let me tell you why I’m exhausted and maybe you’ll be glad you’re sitting at work having adult conversation and taking a break to read my blog.  Not that I know anyone who does that.

I left post-planning last Thursday and did a crazy thing.  I drove six hours to Harbor Island to meet up with my mom and sister who were there to relax and celebrate Kelsey’s recent high school graduation.  I think we ended the relaxation period of their vacation.

And ever since we’ve been back it’s been non-stop dentist appointments, errands, visiting old friends, cleaning, and fielding demands for constant opportunities to swim, since my children think they are fish and will dry up without water.

So, today I refuse to go anywhere.  I bailed on my friend who is obviously a better mom because she’s braving the water park with her three.  Of course hers can all walk.  Which may actually make that harder.

I’m staying home.  It’s 9:30 a.m. and the girls are already happily playing in their kiddie pool on the back porch.  Amelia is still asleep.  I’ve had two cups of coffee and am realizing that I think I’ll keep summer exhaustion if it means I get to decide to have a do-nothing lazy day on a random Friday when others are working.

So if you’re not sick with envy, keep reading and I’ll tell you all about fun past weekend.

Now a six hour drive for two days on the lowcountry coast is crazy at any time.  A six hour drive for two days with three children, one of whom is an infant, might qualify me as insane.  In the children’s defense, the drive wasn’t too bad.  In fact, the worst leg of it that involved a lot of mommy yelling, Amelia crying, and constant whining took place in the first hour and a half trek to E-town to pick up Audrey, my favorite 14-year-old sister who is sometimes as much trouble as my own kids.

Here is what I have learned.  When kids are over-excited they don’t travel well.  That’s why when we drove to Disney World last summer we left at 3 a.m. and they slept until we got to Florida.  Once the girls calmed down (and mommy took some deep cleansing breaths and ate a candy bar) travel was much easier.

So, anyway, we made it for two days of fun in the sun and sand and pool.  Which begs the question, Why do kids love the pool so much more than the actual beach?  The words, “I didn’t drive six hours for you to swim in a pool” actually came out of my mouth.

I grew up vacationing on Edisto Island with my extended family and about every two years we revive that tradition as grown-ups with kids of our own.  I have never been to Harbor, though it’s nearby.  I have been to Beaufort because my brother is a Marine Corps graduate of Parris Island.

Harbor Island is beautiful and remote and unembellished.  It’s just raw, natural beauty and that’s what I love about vacationing in the South Carolina lowcountry.  Seems like that’s the way things are supposed to be.  Simple condos or homes, no high rises, and lights out for turtles.

Here’s some pictures of our fun weekend….

Marmee had to buy Amelia a swimsuit since she didn’t have one and the smallest size she could find was a 24 mo.  We made it work.  She seemed to have a good time, though she spend a lot of it sleeping in her stroller cave.
Ahhh…….summer……….Love it.

2 thoughts on “Summer’s Begun!

  1. lindsay, i think most folks that complain that they don't get summer vacation don't have kids to ruin it for them! j/k…of course!!

    you are crazy for driving 6 hours with 3 small kids and a teenager! it's a miracle you're alive! i'm dreading our 7ish hour drive over to the beach in a few weeks and i'll have my hubby with me!!

    seriously though, glad you guys were able to get away and enjoy some time with your fam. didn't get your message in time to look at the girls' suits. but, i'll be on the lookout…

    hope you enjoy the rest of your wonderfully not committed summer Friday. every mom needs those!!


  2. I have traveled a lot with my girls by myself and then I get there and wondered how did I do it. I understand the summer vacation thing. Teaching kids has a whole new meaning to vacation. I am glad you got your friday. Maybe we can go get our toes done again soon.


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