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First Days with Five

No, I have not time warped into my future and seen myself as the mother of five.  The chances of that are about as good as the chance that Amelia will sleep all night.

Instead I’m hosting my niece and sister this week since it’s VBS and if I’m going to have 5 kids it might as well be at a time when they can attend pre-planned activities with someone other than me.  Disclaimer: Audrey doesn’t like being called a kid, but since she’s 14 and my baby sister, I’ll call her whatever I want.  I could really embarrass her and refer to her as Weetsie for the rest of this post, but she is being rather helpful and I don’t want to tick her off.

In addition to Audrey, the helpful teenager, I’ve got my niece who is 8 weeks older than Annabelle and almost as entertaining.  So far she has walked through the Mall of Georgia singing about how she’s afraid of thunderstorms, named off which of her aunts she finds the scariest (not me), and picked our beautiful yellow calla lily next to the mailbox.  Hmmmm….maybe entertaining isn’t the right word.  And she only wants to eat Doritos.  For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For that matter, Doritos are about all Audrey wants to eat as well, and she refuses to share.  So now who’s the kid?

They’ve been here since Sunday afternoon and things are going pretty well considering that it’s a crazy week and I’ve already used up my patience quota for the month.  The girls don’t want to nap, but they tend to crash by 8:30 and sleep all night (excluding baby Amelia) and I’ll take that.

Monday was very productive, or at least I thought so until I realized that even though I had vacuumed, done dishes, laundry, made dinner, and been to Jazzercise, I had not made my kids animal costumes for VBS.

Today was crazy due to weather and my belief that I can accomplish more with 5 kids than I can with 3.  We do have a Father’s Day gift, though.  Lovingly selected from the dollar aisle at Target, but they’re sure it’s what Daddy needs.  And we did have dinner with my grandparents, even though it was at the mall food court due to the storms blowing a transformer in their subdivision.

Oh, well.  Tomorrow is always another day with no mistakes in it, right?  No mistakes yet, at least.  Maybe it can include a nap….

One thought on “First Days with Five

  1. I had my niece up too, Lindsey, and it was exhausting but wonderful! I am glad I did it but I certainly was glad for the quiet after she returned home! Here's to your future peace!


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