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Random Acts of….Selling

I’ve done most of the stuff HGTV told me to when it comes to selling my house.  It’s clean, uncluttered (as much as a home with three kids can be), and smells decent.  However, until today, we haven’t had one person walk through the door.

Since this showing occurred after a couple of interesting events in our life, I figure HGTV forgot to tell me to do these things in order to ensure a potential buyer.

First, you have to make peace with the idea of staying in the the house you’re in. We’ve done that so much that we’re now considering just remodeling and have chosen new kitchen cabinets. Good thing we haven’t bought them yet.

Next, if you have hardwood floors like mine, you should give them a good polish.  Like maybe with an entire bottle of olive oil that fell out of the grocery bag the 5-year-old was toting.  There’s a puddle of EVOO on my floor and all my husband has to say is, “Kathy called.  The house is being shown tomorrow.”

Figures, huh?


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