30 Blog Challenge · Manic Monday

Manic Monday

So lately I haven’t been saying nice things about Mondays.  But today wasn’t too bad.  It was manic alright.  I mean, there’s nothing like having to wave at your boss when you pull into the parking lot 10 minutes late on Monday morning.

But in my defense I was giving my baby extra kisses and prepping her Mimi that as of last night, Amelia is mobile.  On all fours.  Across the floor.  Off the carpet and onto the hardwoods.  Making a beeline for anything in her path that looks remotely edible (and apparently when you’re a baby everything looks deliciously edible).

But the Monday mania is over and the day has wound down and we’re watching You’ve Got Mail which I don’t think I’ve seen in at least five years and now I have the sudden urge to buy pumpkins and read Pride and Prejudice and get some coffee.

But if I drink coffee I’ll be up until Amelia gets up again and as any good mom knows, when the baby is sleeping so should you be. 

One thought on “Manic Monday

  1. hope you're in bed. can't believe amelia is on the go!! what a whiz kid…guess you really aren't feeding her enough if she has had to take the role of “gatherer” upon herself! loL!


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