Manic Monday

Manic Monday

I really don’t know how it is possible that I found time to blog last week about Amelia’s accident, but could not find time in the rest of the week to let you all know that she’s fine.  I mean, she must be all healed up since this week she has crawled from the living room down the hall to the girls’ room looking for me, pulled herself up to a standing position necessitating a lowering of the crib, and bounced herself silly in the new jumper her Mimi bought her because she was so “pitiful.” Yeah, right.  More like manipulative.

So, anyway, she’s good and it’s Monday again and I have more to do than should be allowed in the next four days before we head out to Utah to visit Ashley.  Today I’m manic. 

I’ve mopped the floor because Amelia refuses to stay on the rug and insists that hardwoods are more fun, been to Jazzercise so that I am allowed to eat more dessert, and made a dozen lists in my head of all the things I hope I remember to pack/look up/check on before we leave.  Does anyone know if there are baby food/formula restrictions on airlines?

I hate feeling so unfocused.  I am really trying to work on my writing and actually try to get some articles together to submit some places and the result of that is that for the past few days my thoughts have been so scattered I can’t even think of how to get them together for this blog. 

Thanks for reading anyway and I promise to the next post will be more entertaining.

3 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. You are allowed to bring as much as you'd need for the airplane trip plus a little more in case of a delay. You can not bring enough for the whole trip (even a short one) on board with you in carry-on luggage. I learned this the hard way as I almost had to dump out of a lot of baby food that I packaged for our Thursday evening to early Sunday morning trip to New Hamsphire. I argued with them and eventually got by security but it was hard.


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