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Manic Monday

Well it started with a broken copier and ended with a broken rib, so I think this Monday definitely qualifies as manic.  On the upside I almost saw Jennifer Aniston today.

Our manic Monday was cruising right along this evening when it turned into panic.  I had taken the girls to the park where we had more meltdowns than fun, made and cleaned up dinner, mopped the kitchen floor so I wouldn’t feel badly about Amelia crawling on it, and was getting ready to take a shower.  Here there’s more to this story than I’m going to share, but basically Amelia was dropped far enough to make us rush her to the ER.

Now that I’ve made you gasp and have those of you who know me reaching for your cell phones, just know she’s okay.  She has a hairline fracture to a rib, but it’s so small that our family doctor had to magnify the film ten times to see it. (As an aside, our doc is quite good at calming his wife’s hysterical friends.) She’s sore, to be sure, and she didn’t really cry immediately but began to breathe with a “hitch” and that was the scariest moment of all.  Now that we’re several hours past the event, she seems to be fine.  She’s actually sleeping, which is good, but we’ll be up all night on and off waking her up to make sure she stays alright.

I’m sure that tomorrow after I’ve had time to process and over analyze I’ll give you some deep reflection on how it feels to have the passing thought that my baby might be taking her last breaths, but for now, just know that she’s okay.  And that’s the most reflection I need to have.

One thought on “Manic Monday

  1. bless your heart. even though it's not for the best of reasons…try to enjoy your day at home with your baby tomorrow. i would say hug amelia for me, but i don't want her wincing (sp?) in pain. glad our God makes those cute little bodies so resilient (sp?…it's late, i'm not sure i'm spelling well)


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