Thankful Thursday

I missed last week!  Might be the reason for this post.  So here’s a few blessings I’ve had this week…

….coupons.  Except this week it wasn’t $5 Pampers or free cereal that got me excited.  It’s the 20% off code we used on our car rental that we can also stack with a “Free Sunday.”  Thank goodness since we waited til the last minute to book and prices go up.  Apparently car rentals don’t work like the meat department at Ingles.  They don’t slash prices to move the inventory before it expires.

BUNCO!  I’m not sure why I never made the effort to go before a few months ago, but I’m sure glad I finally did.  Girls night out, yummy snacks, and maybe a little extra moo-lah when I get back home.  Except tonight I came home $20 poorer because I figured I better pay off debts before I gambled on a win.

…airlines recognizing that baby food should be exempt from the same restrictions as big people food.  There’s bound to be a Starbucks at the gate, but pureed carrots?  A little trickier.  Thank goodness I can bring Amelia’s breakfast and snacks with us on the flights to and from Vegas.  Now if only I could figure out a way to make her Exersaucer a carry on item….

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