Manic Monday

Manic Monday

Well, in comparison to last Monday, which I spent marveling at this view, today was quite a typical manic Monday, even if it was a teacher workday, which all teachers know is a pseudonym for meetings and trying out the new lunch place that’s been open since August.

But since I was rambling around the southwest last week, I am so far behind I might as well still be in Utah.  There are finals still on my desk to grade.  I have all these ideas for new strategies I want to try this 9 weeks, but they are certainly not out of my head and into formal lesson plan format.  Oh, and we had photographs made by Katie Rivers this afternoon, so there was no hope I would get grades posted in a timely manner.  Manic.

Or signs that I might be a procrastinator.  What do you think?

I prefer to think that it is organized chaos and that out of chaos comes cosmos (to paraphrase L’Engle).

Plus, we’ve just been really busy.  Obviously.  If you don’t believe me, check out all our adventures and join my site so I don’t look so pitiful.  Oh, and check back often because I really am going to get better about pictoral updates.

In the meantime, Joshua is acting sicky on the couch (did I mention Amelia threw up three times Saturday night?) and I need some rest if I’m going to have a terrific tolerable Tuesday.

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