Bell-E Laughs

I realize I haven’t blogged about Belle a lot lately.  She’s been really sweet and into saying “Yes, m’am” and doing what she’s asked in order to show up her big sister.  She also loves baby Amelia and is so good to play with her and cuddle her and read to her.

The other day Belle wanted to know why her daddy and I got married.  I told her you marry someone because you love them and want to have a family with them.  The response I got: “That’s all?!”
While practicing letters we had this conversation.
Belle: Mommy, how do you spell paint?
Me: P-
Belle: How do you spell pee?

Tonight she decided to read a book aloud to Amelia.  The name of this book is Tasha’s Talented Team.  It’s about a little girl who discovers that everybody has different talents.  This is how Annabelle was reading it:
“and the smell was in the house and on the green hair.  The smell was yellow and black and white.  The smell was outside under the tree…”
No, I have no idea what the smell is.

Does your belly hurt from laughing yet?

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