On the First Day of Christmas…

Well, it’s December 5th.  I have a tree with lights, “DecemBear” (a calendar from Joshua’s childhood), and a fake poinsettia.  Which brings me to my first tip for focusing on the holiness of the season and not the holiday: SIMPLIFY.

I’m working on it.  We’re going to try to simplify this year.  Fewer decorations translates into fewer times I have to say, “No, Amelia,” and it also gives us the chance to enjoy our new living room set up.  Since the point of that was to gain space, I’m not too interested in immediately cluttering it up with lots of decorations.  Especially since I haven’t even figured out what it’s really going to look like on a regular basis.

So, this year our decorations will include the tree…and it may get ornaments this week.  We’ll see.  Time is not something that multiplies with the joys of this season.

Willow Tree Nativity SetAnd the manger scene we’ll set up as soon as I find it in one of the many boxes currently residing in my bedroom.  I have the Willow Tree Nativity set and I love it for it’s simplicity.

We’ll definitely hang the stockings because the girls have been begging since Thanksgiving to hang stockings.  We had (and by that I mean I wanted) to order new ones so that the girls would all coordinate.  See why I’m trying to simplify?  I over analyze this decor stuff way too much.

And beyond that?  Well, the only items I’m really keen on are the Christmas cards I expect to find filling my mailbox soon.  I’ve got a post coming in the next few days on what my plans are for all those…

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