First Snow

Actually, today was more like the third or fourth snow for 2010, but it was the first snow for this season, and it came before Christmas, an unprecedented event around here.

School has been cancelled, we have milk and bread, and I’m about to settle on the couch with a half dozen baskets of laundry and Harry Potter.  Nothing like snow to help one prioritize.

What I noticed most about this snowfall is how much my girls have grown.  The coat Belle wore in January is now packed away for Amelia and Madelynne’s jacket is noticeably shorter (and dirtier because she rolls around on the playground at school). 

Enjoy the pics of our little snowfall.  We anticipate many more to come!

It’s sticking…sort of.  I should take a pic of the deck now; it’s covered!


Amelia is less than ecstatic, but at least she’s warm.

Belle trying to see how close she can get to the road before I middle name her.

Madelynne can’t keep her hat out of her eyes.

Should’ve turned on the Christmas lights; then it would look like a card.  Maybe.

Poor Amelia.  She’s not sure if this is a good idea.

January 2010…more snow, less height.

3 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. love it! you have WAY more than Mt. Airy. we did drive up that way so Jack could see. he promptly insisted on making a snowball that he could throw to (AT) daddy! enjoy your manic monday snowed in!


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