project 52

Project 52

I had great plans this year to follow along with some of my friends and do the 365 project. 

Well, I missed Day One so that dream’s dead.  Although Joshua did take a picture on his cell phone of Amelia chowing down on a cheeseburger, but since I have no idea how to get it off, oh well.

Instead, I’m starting a project of my own that someone else has probably already done (and done better).  But that’s okay because I’m tagging my one word for 2011 on here: satisfy.

I need to be more satisfied with my blessings and less critical of what I don’t (or can’t) do.  So, since it seems less burdensome to me to chronicle our year by weeks rather than days, here you go.  (If you care, which since you’re reading this blog, I assume you do.)

Project 52 will be a post of our weekly randomness (yay, pictures!) as well as some goals for the upcoming week. We’re working with the girls on responsibility a lot this year, so Mommy is trying to be more responsible, too.  Especially with things like our budget since 2011’s big change is going to be my transition from work-outside-the-home mama to stay-home-and-pursue-another-dream mama.

…and it officially begins next week because this is only Day 2.

Happy First Working Day of the New Year tomorrow!

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