Manic Monday

Manic Monday

Here is the list of things I should have accomplished today:
1.  Finish grading.
2.  Enter grades.
3.  Clean off desk.
4.  Write lesson plans around new unit (as dictated by state curriculum map).
5.  Post standards for Q3.
6.  Work RiteAid UP deals.
7.  Request RiteAid rebate.
8.  Iron Joshua’s khakis.
9.  Update January agenda.
10.  Call my little sister on her birthday (since when I attempted she didn’t answer).

Here is what I actually did:
1.  Went to three meetings and sent my principal minutes.
2.  Made a stack of papers to finish grading tomorrow while my students are making a list of reading goals for the new quarter since I didn’t get lesson plans finished.
3.  Cut coupons.
4.  Went to Jazzercise.
5.  Made awesome turkey tetrazinni for dinner.
6.  Cuddled Amelia.
7.  Read Little House in the Big Woods to Madelynne and Annabelle.
8.  Laid out the girls’ clothes for tomorrow.
9.  Wrote this blog.
10.  Had a Quiet Time (well, I will when I’m finished here).

And guess what?  I’m satisfied with list #2.

How was your first workday of the new year?

One thought on “Manic Monday

  1. I hurried around like a mad woman, leaving the house 30 minutes late, arriving at the babysitter's, where she reminded me that I have the day off. *sigh* Bonus: Micah's milk additive and diapers are at the sitter's already and I know what I'm wearing to work tomorrow!


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