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2010 Whirlwind

I really can’t believe it’s New Year’s already.  I have a ten month old baby, a little girl who just lost her first tooth, and a middle child who’s lately having trouble adjusting.

I wish I could say 2010 was a great year and I’m sorry to see it go. Certainly it was life changing and more than I ever expected, but it was also incredibly difficult at times. 

We are, however, blessed beyond measure and the only New Year’s Resolution I’m making is to remember that. 

When the dishes are overflowing and the laundry is all clean but has no hope of being folded.

When the floor is grimy and the toys are an obstacle course between the den and the bedroom.

When the children are crying and Mommy is exhausted and dinner is still frozen.

When the babies are cuddling and Daddy is home early.

When it’s quiet because the girls are painting their fingernails while sitting on their beds.

When my baby makes a beeline through the crumbs under the kitchen table just so she can get to me faster.

I hope I can pause to breathe and pause to remember our many blessings. 

Happy New Year!

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